Day Profiles 

This featured article will give insight in the latest addition to the PlantBalance dashboard called “Day Profiles.” This feature provides growers with an in-depth overview of plant behavior over extended periods, equipping them with valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

Understanding Day Profiles
Day Profiles allows growers to analyze average patterns spanning multiple days, offering a nuanced understanding of how a specific tomato variety typically behaves. This feature allows growers to fine-tune their strategies based on robust data.

One of the key advantages of Day Profiles is its capability to generate hourly averages over an extended timeframe. This functionality enables growers to identify trends related to optimal start and stop times and when peak growth occurs. Averaging data across multiple days provides a more accurate representation of typical conditions.

To access Day Profiles, users can go to the ‘Analyze’ module and turn on ‘Show day profiles’ in the right navigation bar, underneath the time section. Select then a custom time period by specifying start and end times.

Revealing trends and making comparisons
Day Profiles excel in revealing trends over an extended period, offering a detailed perspective on plant behavior. By comparing profiles between different tomato varieties or sections of the glasshouse, growers can uncover valuable information. For instance, they can identify when different varieties initiate water uptake or observe temperature variations and their impact on transpiration across different sections with the same tomato variety. Day Profiles offer numerous insights for comparisons between sections, varieties, or strategies.

Efficiency Through Quick Insights
The beauty of Day Profiles lies in its ability to gather insights by selecting an extended timeframe. This speeds up the discovery process, allowing growers to promptly identify patterns and trends. With a simple click, users can seamlessly transition to the analysis page, zooming in on detailed five-minute intervals for a more comprehensive understanding. This represents a significant step forward in PlantBalance’s commitment to empowering growers with the tools for precise glasshouse management. Stay tuned for more exciting features in our upcoming Spotlight on Feature.