Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to commonly raised questions, or scroll through our instruction video’s if you need some help how to use the PlantBalance Dashboard.

PlantBalance is a startup of Bayer Vegetable Seeds. We are a team of data scientists, data engineers, programmers and agronomists. Through a sensor and data solution, we enable high tech tomato growers to optimize their plant growth and get the maximum out of their crop. Since 2018 we have been testing and developing our services together with commercial growers in different countries in Europe and North America.

Any of the thousands of crop decisions you make in a season can lead to missed yield and profitability. PlantBalance is a sensor and data solution that enables close monitoring of plant behavior, early detection of growth issues and fast feedback on your crop decisions. In every stage of the season, we help you realize your growing objectives and to maximize your yield and quality, from planting until the last harvest.

At the start of the season, we create your variety-specific plan, based on our plant growth models and customized to your location, your greenhouse and your growing strategy. Throughout the season you can track your actual crop performance with an easy-to-use dashboard that creates oversight and focus, before diving into the relevant details.

  • We monitor your crop development remotely with daily notifications to identify potential growth issues as early as possible and you receive weekly crop progress reports to keep track of  the bigger picture.
  • In addition, you can easily benchmark your performance across locations, and compare and learn how the same variety is grown by other growers. And off course, in a way that fits your data confidentiality preferences.
  • For new variety introductions, early access to reference data reduces the  learning curve for growing them.
  • Through face-to-face and virtual meetings we connect with you to support analysis and insights from the start of the season until the last harvest.
  • For very specific questions you can easily create custom visualizations and analyze and combine data from more than 100 variables, where needed with support from our agronomy and data science team.
  • You can easily control and provide dashboard access to crop managers and crop advisors.

We are part of Bayer Vegetable Seeds and work closely with our colleagues from De Ruiter and Bayer Vegetable Seeds to help growers get the most out their crops.

No. PlantBalance is used for Bayer varieties and non-Bayer varieties.

PlantBalance is developed for fruit bearing, multi-harvest crops in greenhouses. We started with tomato and are finetuning and testing our models for cucumber and peppers.

Our models and algorithms have been optimized and tested with LED, hybrid and unlit locations.

PlantBalance is currently active in more than 10 countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, UK, Thailand, Peru, Australia and Canada. We are adding more countries quickly, ensuring the right combination of remote and local support.

The installation of the sensors are very easy and most growers do it themselves. Installation guides are available and we also support installations remotely or do it for you, subject to hygiene protocols.

Wireload cells continuously measure fresh weight gain as early indicator of yield, and substrate scales measure plant transpiration as indicator of the plant’s activity.

As a grower you are the owner of the data and can choose at any point to have your data in PlantBalance deleted. Grower data is only used as identifiable benchmarking data with explicit grower consent.

PlantBalance can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile phone and is most often used by growers on their desktop display for oversight and analysis.

All sensor data is transmitted through cloud services and combined with your climate computer data, your weekly crop registration data and greenhouse configuration data. Cleaning, enrichment and aggregation of this data enables targeted and custom analytics.

PlantBalance services come with a subscription fee of EUR 2.800 per sensor-set per year. The price of a sensor set is EUR 5.500 and typically lasts for 4 to 7 years (all prices 2022, please contact us for current pricing).