June 29, 2023

Innovations at PlantBalance

Get the most out of your crop!

Every crop is unique. Every season comes with its own challenges. And every cultivation decision can make the difference between a successful and a less successful harvest. But now, there’s a tool that helps you, as a grower, optimize your crop management and achieve the best possible results: PlantBalance. This innovative digital data solution already had several useful features and has recently added more.

Create a customized crop plan quickly
First and foremost, creating a crop plan is fast and easy. Enter the basic information about your crop, such as variety, rootstock, location, and planting date, and within 30 seconds, our application generates a basic crop plan. You can then customize this basic crop plan to your liking. You can set parameters such as pruning policy, plant density, sowing date, CO2 levels, and the use of artificial light. You can even set target values for Brix, average fruit weight, and total production. All of this is to ensure that your plan aligns with your desired outcomes.

Monitor performance closely with Guardrails
Once the plan is created and in motion, it’s crucial for every grower to closely monitor how the crops are performing. With PlantBalance, you can track daily growth using clear graphs that display key cultivation variables. These variables are divided into six main indicators: climate, water management, fresh weight gain, water efficiency, crop status, and production. Thanks to our Guardrails feature, you can then compare your crop’s performance to your cultivation plan, quickly identifying any deviations and taking targeted action.


Take immediate action with notifications
Thanks to our latest notification feature, you will receive an immediate alert when something in your glasshouse deviates. This could be a temperature fluctuation, a water issue, or a deviation in another critical variable. You’ll stay informed and can take prompt action.

Explore our latest benchmark feature
Furthermore, you can also learn from your peers. With our latest benchmark feature, you can compare your crop performance to that of other growers. This provides valuable insights into how your crops are performing and allows you to make better decisions regarding your own cultivation strategies.

Analyze your data
But that’s not all! With PlantBalance, you can also conduct your own analyses based on key cultivation variables, supplemented by over 100 other variables. This enables you to quickly create custom analyses and visualizations, gaining precisely the insights needed to achieve the best possible results.

Essential for efficient crop management
Whether you’re an experienced grower or just starting out, the insights provided by the PlantBalance tool will help you further optimize your crop management. And because PlantBalance continually evolves based on customer feedback, you can be sure you’ll always have access to the latest developments. Request a demo today and discover what PlantBalance can do for you.

For more information, visit www.plantbalance.ag

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