December 18, 2023

Assisting growers in gaining maximum insights with less effort

As you may have already read in our previous two newsletters, the PlantBalance application is in a constant state of evolution. Over the past period, significant progress has been made, and Cor-Jan Holwerda, product manager at PlantBalance, is here to update you on these developments.

Expanding the notifications feature
Some time ago, we added the option to receive notifications within the application. Cor-Jan explains, “The Notifications feature is designed to adapt to the grower’s needs. After a testing period with one type of notification, we have significantly expanded the possibilities. This expansion is based on dialogues with growers, highlighting the complex environment in which they operate. Growers require support for climate and plant management, among other things, and PlantBalance offers notifications in both areas to help growers maximize their crop. For instance, a grower can receive a notification when the humidity deficit in the glasshouse exceeds a certain threshold. Additionally, it will be possible to receive an alert if the fresh weight gain falls behind during the day compared to what should be expected based on the specific glasshouse location and anticipated conditions. Through these proactive notifications, we ensure that growers can make timely adjustments in the glasshouse. We look one day ahead and monitor whether the grower is fully utilizing the potential during the day or missing improvement opportunities.”

Customizable to suit individual needs
Notifications also offer room for customization. Cor-Jan elaborates, “Growers can set and adjust notifications in the dashboard according to their preferences. The notifications within the PlantBalance application are based on input from growers and the knowledge within PlantBalance and Bayer. Since no two glasshouses are the same, growers can customize notifications to perfectly align with their environment and cultivation strategy. Growers can, for example, set a humidity deficit warning above 14 g/m³ or 16 g/m³. As not all information is equally relevant during different growth phases, growers can also enable or disable notifications. Additionally, soon it will be possible to receive notifications via SMS. Growers can be updated without the need to log in to the dashboard.”


The next step: data analysis
Notifications are an effective way to monitor cultivation closely. However, analyzing all the data can be time-consuming, and time is a precious commodity, especially for busy growers. “This is why at PlantBalance, we listen to our users and we continuously seek ways to provide growers with the shortest path to relevant insights. With this in mind, we offer the option to add related variables to individual notifications. With one click, growers receive a comprehensive overview in a clear graph. If a grower wishes to perform a deeper analysis on the available data, they can click directly from the graph to the Analyze tool, where the notification and related variables are also visible. This allows growers to reach the deepest level of analysis in just three clicks, providing them with the desired insights quickly.”

Plenty of plans on the horizon
It’s evident that the PlantBalance application is continuously improving. In the coming months, the team will continue to seek opportunities to support growers in their work. Cor-Jan concludes, “We have many other plans, some of which are already taking a concrete shape. Our goal remains clear: assisting growers in gaining maximum insights with minimal effort.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of PlantBalance after reading this interview, Cor-Jan welcomes you to schedule a demo session, click here to request one